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The surface made with more Love per square millimeter in the World

The azulejo (tile) is the most typical and widely used form of decoration in Portugal since the middle ages up to now. Bicesse Ceramic Tiles began production in 1988. We manufacture our own tiles maintaining a high standard of quality and characteristics of the traditional tiles. Tiles are made of pure clay, squares with sharp edges and irregular surface, measuring approximately 140mm x 140mm x 10mm / 8mm thick.

When used to restore and reproduce antique tiles it will be 1cm thick. They are glazed individually by hand, all decoration is also hand painted. We also reproduce contemporary designs from artists, such as Arch. Alvaro Siza Vieira, Menez, Paula Rego, Graça Morais, Lourdes de Castro, Maluda, Pedro Proença, Eduardo Nery and many more.


Bicesse Tiles - Moorish pond tiles - Composition by Nazo Kureshy and Luis Leal
Composition by Nazo Kureshy and Luís Leal

Some places using tiles provided by us:

FRANCE, PARIS - Buddha Bar;
UN - United Nations;
UNITED STATES - Lenny Kravitz - Residence;
UNITED STATES, NY - Dr. Berezovsky, Pateo / Residence - J.P. Molyneux Studio;
UNITED STATES, MIAMI - "Providencia 1878", (Artistic panels for public spaces) - Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach - Smith Architectural Group;
FRANCE - PAVILLON DE NATATION Prince Pierre D' Aremberg.
UNITED STATES, CALIFORNIA - "George Lucas Building II" USC School of Cinematic Arts - Urban Design Group - Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction Company;
PORTUGAL, LISBON - Palácio Fronteira - Eduardo Nery;
PORTUGAL - Traditional Public Market of Cascais;
UNITED KINGDOM - Harrods Stores;
GERMANY - Hotel Schloss Luebbenau;
Quinta do Casal Novo;
ROMANIA - La Trattoria "Il Calcio" - Arch. Marina Gingirof, Bsidesdesign;
DENMARK - Superkilen, Arch. Nicklas A. Rasch, BIG.

UNITED STATES, OHIO - Horizon Science Academy Dayton High School - Stephen Rudnicki (Teacher)

Tiles designed by students of Mr. Rudnicki Tiles designed by students of Mr. Rudnicki Tiles designed by students of Mr. Rudnicki Tiles designed by students of Mr. Rudnicki Tiles designed by students of Mr. Rudnicki Tiles designed by students of Mr. Rudnicki

Beautiful works made by some of the students of the (2011-2012) spanish class taught by Mr. Stephen Rudnicki, to whom we sent some free samples. Thank you all!

and much more...


" Tour of Portuguese Bicesse Tiles

Think the beautiful Portuguese tiles are only known to those lucky enough to live in Portugal? Guess again!

Portuguese Tiles, or azulejos, are known and desired all over the world.

ALBARRADA - Blue Vases of Flowers XVII XVIII Century
There are complete city streets done in Portuguese tiles in Saudi Arabia as well as large, elaborate patios in Beverly Hills, California and Paris, France.

To fully appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into making the ubiquitous azulejos, one must visit Portuguese Bicesse Tiles where tiles are still made in the traditional way.

Bicesse Portuguese Tiles Decorative Composition
Composition by Luís Leal

We was invited to a private tour of the tile factory where we had a chance to see the entire process.

At Bicesse Tiles, everything is done in house. First, the clay is mixed with water until the right thickness is obtained. Then the raw clay is pressed through a machine (this is not high tech piece of machinery!) where it comes out in a long ribbon which is then cut with a wire into squares (cut to an approximate size of 140mm x 140mm and 8mm thick). The slightly damp squares are laid out to dry in the sun on wood planks (this is all done manually).


Bicesse Traditional Artisan Ceramic Tiles - PRESENTATION


After a few hours in the sun, the tiles are stacked face to face in piles of 40 tiles with a weight (a large rock) placed on top to avoid warping. When dry, they are individually inspected by striking each one with a piece of tile, eliminating those that not "sound" right. Those tiles that pass inspection, can move to the next step where they are individually glazed by hand with an 18th century type of glaze.


Religious Tiles Panel - Cut-out technique

All the tiles are painted by craftsman according ti the required design and color scheme.

Finally, the second firing in the kiln is required in order to sent paints (colors) and melt the glaze that will give the tile its shine.

No only does Bicesse Tiles create tiles, but they also have a large restoration business. When old buildings are being demolished, they rescue beautiful antique tile murals from total deconstruction.


Through their unique hand craftsmanship, they are able to recreate tiles where the mural was damaged.

Hard to believe that such individualized craftsmanship still survives today.

A visit to Portuguese Bicesse Tiles is a must for anyone interested in experiencing a unique Portuguese tradition. "


CMC  Bicesse Tiles Diploma - 2008
Medal for Merit in Business

Given by the Municipality of Cascais on 07-06-2008

"Marking twenty years of activity in 2008, this commercial establishment constitutes a national reference in the sector of production, reproduction and handcraft restoration of painted tiles, one of the most distinctive components of the portuguese tradition of decorative arts. Recovering and applying the traditional methods of portuguese tile-making in prestigious works, in and outside the Country, Bicesse Tiles has thus served as a visit card of the Council, that has invested so much in the last years in enriching its historic-cultural heritage."

Text: Municipality of Cascais


Portugal - Bicesse Tiles Map


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Thanks for your visit!
Bicesse Tiles from Portugal


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