We are proud for presenting original artistic pieces from Portugal, traditional decorative hand painted tiles, azulejos, plates, paintings, gold filigree... Portuguese, Moorish, Spanish, Dutch and French old cultures.

Bicesse Traditional Artisan Ceramic Tiles - PRESENTATION

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The surface made with more Love per square millimeter in the World

The azulejo (tile) is the most typical and widely used form of decoration in Portugal since the middle ages up to now. Bicesse Ceramic Tiles began production in 1988. We manufacture our own tiles maintaining a high standard of quality and characteristics of the traditional tiles. Tiles are made of pure clay, squares with sharp edges and irregular surface, measuring approximately 140mm x 140mm x 10mm / 8mm thick...

Travassos Gold Filigree Museum - PRESENTATION

Gold Filigree

Inaugurated on the 3rd of March 2001, Travassos’ Gold Museum is the embodiment of an intention to distinguish and dignify handcrafted Portuguese goldsmith work.

Travassos has been chosen as the ideal location for the Gold museum given the fact that a number of workshops are still active, and architectonic memories of many others abound. Besides the creation of the historical place and the rehabilitation of some old workshops, the Museum is also an active institution. It serves the local community and helps to increase and reveal the traditional knowledge and values...

Susana Bretes artistic ceramics painter Curriculum Vitae - BICESSE TILES

Susana Bretes artistic ceramics painter

Susana Bretes, was born in Constância do Ribatejo, Portugal in 1954.
She did a a course of decorative arts in the António Arroio School.
She has more than on 30 years of painting experience in ceramics...

Joaquim Canotilho - Moçambicano watercolour artistic painter Curriculum Vitae

Joaquim Canotilho - Mozambique artistic painter
Profile and Working History:
1960 – 1st approach to Plastic Arts;
19601972 - Frequency of Painting Masters and Plastic Arts training courses in Mozambique and Portugal;
- Participates in several national and international collective exhibitions, having received many prizes;
1971 - 1st Individual Exhibition – with 18 years of age, at the Society of Studies of Lourenço Marques Gallery - Mozambique. The entire collection was sold in Lourenço Marques - Mozambique...

Portugal Azulejo Tiles History

armillary sphere

" 15th century
The art was introduced to Portugal, via Spain, by the Moors, who had learned the craft from the Persians. The word azulejo is derived from the Arabic word: "al zulayj" : Zellige, meaning "polished stone". This origin explains the unmistakable Arab influences in many tiles: interlocking curvilinear, geometric or...

Portuguese 19.2K Gold Filigree Christian Cross Pendant Necklace Chain

Portuguese 19.2K Gold Filigree Christian Cross Pendant Necklace Chain

The Pendant Christian Cross also known as the Latin cross or crux ordinaria. It is the most common symbol of Christianity, intended to represent the death of Jesus when he was crucified on the True Cross and his resurrection in the New Testament...

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